I am so excited for this post! I have been breaking my back trying to figure out how I’m going to decide where to apply to graduate school, when to apply, and howto keep myself organized. Let me tell you a quick story: It is the spring of junior year and as an over zealous honor student: I planned for application season really early. I was asking teachers for recommendation letters and had already taken my standardized tests 2 times each. My Common App account was made the day it opened in August and had all my applications submitted at least two weeks before the deadline.

I don’t know why I have been freaking out because I know good and well how to be organized and ready for application season. Researching schools and finding locations that work best for me were right up my alley. I figured I would make some cute free printables, so that you could also be on top of things! I’m also going to write out some tips and a schedule to follow for 2 weeks of your break, so that you can take a couple of days off for the holiday and Netflix! Happy Grad School Planning friends.

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