Hello, friends! I’m kind of amazed that we’ve gone a whole week now with brand new content. Hopefully, I’m covering topics that have interested you! Today’s post is something super new to me, but I’ve loved how it’s altered how I think about my tasks and has made me more efficient than I’ve ever been! I’ve started attacking my planning each week based primarily on where my tasks stack up in my priority matrix! Never heard of it? Me neither.

It’s one of those gems that I picked up during my internship here in San Diego, and I’ve started adding it in when it comes to my planning and it can actually help you address purpose and intent in your daily schedule. It also has helped me cut the procrastination and really stay focused on my tasks. Now, let’s get into this new thing!

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Out of all the back-to-college shopping that I have to do, buying textbooks is my least favorite thing ever. Who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a book that they may not even actually need to buy?! Literally no one. Well, lucky for you, I made the world’s biggest mistakes when buying my textbooks my first year, and have reduced how much I spend on books now by at least 500%. Yeah, books can be that expensive and yes, you can save that much money! If you want to know my best tips for making the most of your school funds and how to leave a little bit more spending money for the semester, keep reading!

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Nervous about recruitment for your professional or honor fraternity recruitment?!? Check out my guide on the blog!

Okay, so it’s another week in the #12DaysofBTC series. Now, today’s topic is something that is very near and dear to my heart. In the spring of 2016, I decided to rush Phi Sigma Pi which is the gender-inclusive National Honor Fraternity at UNC! It was as nerve wracking for me as it probably is for a lot of people. I have met so many amazing people through this organization and recommend it to anyone who is looking for their family on campus.

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It’s the first week in August, which means that college move-in is right around the corner! Regardless of whether you’re doing the college move-in thing for the first time or your last(!), your living room/bedroom/house is probably filled with piles of bags from Target. With every purchase made, there’s a slight tinge of dread and anticipation – “how is this going to fit in the car?”, and (more importantly) “how is this going to fit in my room??”

Move-in can be a stressful time for all parties involved, but with my tips & tricks you'll be able to relax and have an enjoyable, exciting move-in!
As someone who’s moved into a cramped dorm room 3 times before, you can trust me when I assure you that somehow, everything always fits. During move-out in May, I always liken our room to a clown car. It’s seriously amazing how much you can pack in a tiny dorm room that you share with one, two, even three other people.

Move-in can be a stressful time for all parties involved, but with my tips & tricks, you’ll be able to keep your cool (both your temper and your body temperature) and have an enjoyable, exciting move-in!

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This post contains a few affiliate links. This won’t change the price of the products; we’ll just make a few dollars from your purchase! Thanks for supporting The Swirl Blog.

One of my favorite things about having an apartment is decorating and really building your own style in your space. Last year, I lived with three other girls, but I’m moving down to a smaller apartment and will have creative license to really make the space sorta kinda my own! As a college student, I can sometimes feel limited by space, time, and money!

But, guess what?! Totally not true! I got some great pieces for a lot cheaper by shopping from some discount websites and some of my favorite stores that sell super cute and trendy items for so much cheaper! For links and some of my favorite picks for the upcoming season, keep reading!

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I know that a lot of our content is focused on current college students and we hope you love it! But, I thought I would share some tips to writing a great college admissions essay for those gals who will be joining the ranks of college students as soon as we’re on our way out! I don’t sit on an admissions committee, but I have read and written a ton of admissions essays in my time on this planet and I think I have some insight on how to really crush it! So, if you’re interested in my tips on how to write a great college admissions essay, keep reading!

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