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So, I’ve been doing a really horrible job about having these written in advance and with my internship picking up, it’s only getting harder. It’s all good though because I want to have time to reflect on my weeks here and recap all the fun that I’m having when I’m not working. So, I have my last update from my LA trip two weekends ago and I’m excited to talk about what I did there and what I’ve been doing in San Diego since then! Now, let’s get into it!

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I love grocery shopping! It’s honestly a blast; I love going down a nice, clean store and picking up new ingredients to create some healthy yet tasty meals. I’ve had a pretty limited ability to do any major gourmet cooking while I’ve been in California where I’m limited to two pots and pans. Oh, and I don’t even have any mixing spoons! But, I have mastered the buying small amounts of food for a good price and then having to carry it all back to the dorm. Shoutout to not having a car for 2 months, lol.

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I have 3 roommates, and the past year has been pretty okay as far as balancing space and other considerations when living with multiple people in a smaller space! The amazing thing for me is that we all have our own bathroom and bedrooms, so our own personal space usually isn’t an issue! It can be hard living with close friends, because you can really enjoy someone’s friendship but not mesh as roommates. Totally normal, can most definitely happen to anyone.

You can have a blast with your college roommates with these easy tips and thoughs from a college girl who lived with 4+ for 3 years!

We all have our odd pet peeves, and I think this is where most conflict stems. I, for one, really can’t stand dirty counter tops. Crumbs, stains, really anything that leaves the counter and stove tops dirty drives me *insane*. When I have 3 exams in a week all dealing with the various facets of chemical properties, it can really drive me up a wall when there are crumbs on the counter top. That’s kinda crazy, but it’s just one of those things. There are some really great ways to easily handle these problems before they cause conflict and problems within the apartment!

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Here we are again. August 1. You know what this day means, don’t you? It’s my brother’s birthday!!!! Okay, so no that’s not exactly what I meant! August 1 is when I start thinking about the new semester and school year that is creeping up on us. That’s usually the date when the small voice in the back of my head is telling me to start ordering my textbooks and letting my friends know when I’ll be back for our first meal of the year! It’s when I go into a huge planning spree. I start making long term and short term goals {all coming v. soon}.

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This year, I’m going to start off the month of August with 12 days of Back to College content! Because college life blog posts are just like Christmas gifts right? I’ll be tagging all my posts with #12DaysofBTC and I trust you already know what to do with that. Tag your blog posts, your Instagrams, and your tweets because I want to see all the college content! Today, I figured I would start out with a pretty fun and entertaining post about the things that keep me afloat when I’m on campus! So, enough of my banter… let’s get to it. View Post

It’s crazy to believe that a year ago this week, I was spending the weekend in Brussels and Amsterdam before the last week of my London study abroad program! I spent 6 weeks total in London, but I ended up traveling to 4 other countries + Scotland during our 3-day weekends. Today I’m sharing my tips + tricks for packing for study abroad, for both long-haul trips and little 3-day weekend trips!

Today I'm sharing my tips + tricks for packing for study abroad, for both long-haul trips and little 3-day weekend trips!

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ICYMI, I am in San Diego for the summer working a research fellowship {it’s a ton of fun and super rewarding so far}! When I decided to come to California for the summer, I just knew I had to make it to one of the other major cities here. As a content creator {I don’t know if I really like this term, but I think my creativity is pushing me even past being “just a blogger”}, I really wanted to check out Los Angeles, CA.
So, I enlisted a friend, booked a train and AirBnB, and went off to explore the City of Angels! Fun fact: I was in LA for less than 48 hours{!!}, but we did so much stuff! Today, in lieu of my normal Friday Chit Chat, I’ll be talking all about my first day of my LA Trip; next week I’ll continue the story with part 2!

Most of the time in my Friday Chit Chats, I like to recap my weekend anyway! So let’s just call this a special edition post. To be completely honest, these are a lot more popular than I was anticipating they would be. Anywho, let’s get to the good stuff: my adventures in Los Angeles!

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