I have 3 roommates, and the past year has been pretty okay as far as balancing space and other considerations when living with multiple people in a smaller space! The amazing thing for me is that we all have our own bathroom and bedrooms, so our own personal space usually isn’t an issue! It can be hard living with close friends, because you can really enjoy someone’s friendship but not mesh as roommates. Totally normal, can most definitely happen to anyone.

You can have a blast with your college roommates with these easy tips and thoughs from a college girl who lived with 4+ for 3 years!

We all have our odd pet peeves, and I think this is where most conflict stems. I, for one, really can’t stand dirty counter tops. Crumbs, stains, really anything that leaves the counter and stove tops dirty drives me *insane*. When I have 3 exams in a week all dealing with the various facets of chemical properties, it can really drive me up a wall when there are crumbs on the counter top. That’s kinda crazy, but it’s just one of those things. There are some really great ways to easily handle these problems before they cause conflict and problems within the apartment!

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