In case you didn’t know, I take my Instagram account very seriously. Okay, so not that seriously, but I do love having a theme and curating my very own little exhibit of art. Yes, that’s right, art. One of my favorite things about Instagram is the hashtag feature. Whether I want to find a new place to eat in Downtown Durham or looking for some style inspiration, the hashtags can give me all that in more with a quick search. Last year {literally what??}, Hannah and I started #swirlsocial which is a hashtag that bloggers and really anyone who follows us can use to share content and interact with each other.

Today I’m going to be talking all about why you should start a hashtag for your blog and where you can take it! I definitely have loved seeing everyone grow and becoming really invested [is that creepy? idk] in what everyone is doing in life! Let’s get to it!

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