In the wake of the algorithm change, everyone is feeling the pressure when it comes to Instagram. I think this pressure is what leads our feeds to go down the drain. We start working too hard to post more frequently rather than focusing on producing the best content. Ultimately, I base whether or not I want to follow someone on the quality of their feed. Instagram is my favorite social media simply because it is so visual. It’s nice to use it for the blog and to share when posts go live and giveaways and things, but I’ve been enjoying working on my personal account way more. I have maybe a fifth of our Instagram followers on that account, but it’s just a ton of fun getting to post what I want and not being worried about how many likes I get.

This time last year, I wrote a post all about a beginner’s guide to Instagram. I tweeted the other day whether anyone would be interested in me doing an updated version. I’ve really stepped up on the content side of the game rather than focusing on fleeting gimmicks to gain followers.. yes, I’m talking about hashtags. Ya girl doesn’t believe in follow/unfollow or bots, so don’t even get me started on that. BUT, I figured I would break down my Instagram content strategy from start to finish so that you can see that Instagram is simply a curated feed of those special (and not so special) moments of my life.

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