It breaks my heart to see the damage that is being done in the LA/SoCal area. Today’s post will be a walk down memory lane and a recap of my favorite spots from my trip to LA. If you haven’t been before, then I definitely recommend that you make the trip. 

I took a very short trip to LA a couple months ago while I was doing a summer research program in San Diego with my friend Sam. It was a blast and I am definitely a Cali girl at heart. My current plan is to own a summer home in LA and spend the rest of my time in NYC. I need a cushy corporate position ASAP. Okay but realistically, Los Angeles is such an amazing city to visit and has so much to offer to literally everyone.

There are several things that I didn’t get to see *cough* Disney Land *cough*, but I did get the chance to hit almost all of the touristy hot spots. Whether you want to soak up some sun on the beach or explore Downtown for some new mural shots, LA literally has it all. Okay, let me stop raving about one of my favorite cities and keep it moving. Today, I’m sharing 15 things that you should most definitely do when you visit LA.

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