The most important (+ my favorite) meal of the day is breakfast! It is so crucial at all stages in life, but especially in college. You aren’t going to want to go to your first lecture of the day whether it’s 8 am or 1pm without any brain power! You have got to stock up on some good nutrients to get your body powered and ready for the day. I’ve recently been playing with breakfast recipes and combos that save me time but don’t sacrifice any of the healthiness that I can get on the weekends or in the summertime when I’m not working!

Today, I’m telling you all about my favorite of the moment breakfast meals! I am obsessed with smoothies and fruit bowls and you can make them pretty and be out the door just as fast! Trust me, I put a 10 minute limit on all of these, and some you can multi-task while they cook! Also, the meals all get extra bonus points because you can prep for all of them the night before!

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