Last week, I posted all about one of the more stressful parts of blogging: editing your photos. Although stressful, is also one of my favorite things to do as well. This week, let’s talk about your graphics. Featured images are going to be one of the first interactions your audience engages with on social media or in their email inbox. They need to be consistent with your brand, eye-catching, and direct. I am not an expert, but I’m pretty happy with the evolution that is the design of our featured images.

Illustrator can be one of those tricky programs that Adobe has, but there is so much customization here. You just need to know where to tap into! This week and last week’s post was originally going to be all one post, but 3,000 words later and I knew that was not going to work out. So, I spit it up. Today, I’m going to show how I made one of my recent featured images. If you’re interested in learning how I work my magic, keep reading! View Post