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ICYMI, I’m going to be traveling to San Diego, CA this summer to work as a research assistant! I got my project the other day, and let me tell you, I am so dang excited! Last summer, I traveled to Houston, TX to work in the Baylor College of Medicine SMART program – if you are interested in biomedical research, I highly recommend applying for it next summer. It’s a great program and hosted by one of the best medical schools in the country! ANYWHO, I’m basically a semi-pro packer for cross-country internships. It’s a lot harder than you would think, and I don’t even think that’s accounting for me being a chronic over packer.

You should have seen me packing a bag to come home for literally three days. Yeah, I brought a lot of stuff home. You aren’t going to want to lug five thousand bags, nor pay for five thousand bags when you are trying to settle in to a new place. While I also ended up shipping things there and back, it really is best to minimize the amount of crap you are bringing. If you didn’t use it at home, you definitely won’t use it for the 8-10 weeks that you’re in a new location.There were a few things that I didn’t think about when I was packing for Houston, that I actually absolutely needed. Thankfully, my dad and I spent a couple of dollars at the local Target once I was in Texas!

If you want to know some things that I recommend stuffing in your suitcase and some things that I really don’t think you need to bring, keep reading! Cool, let’s get in to it. View Post