Twenty eighteen. What is up ?!

I am a sucker for everything new year related. I know I’ve read way too many resolution posts. Setting goals to better yourself is so important. Growth is something that I prioritize in my own personal journey. I think it contributes to my passion for learning and trying new things. This year is going to be focused on changes that are going to start piling on and preparing for them. Hannah wrote a couple days ago about how this was the year for self-discovery and betterment. I am here for it.

Graduating from college and hopefully starting my next journey to pursue a doctoral degree is going to be a process and I want to be in the best physical, mental, and social shape that I can be. I’m going to be approaching my goals posts a little differently this year. Once a month from now until December 2018, I will revisit my big picture goals that I’ll list down below. I’ll also set up smaller mini-goals that I want to focus on during that month. SMART goal setting is key to making sure you are actually hitting your marks at the end of the year.

A big part of that for me is going to be frequently revisiting my progress and assessing whether I’m matching up to my ambitious goals. I’m excited to move through this year’s goals on the blog and hope that you all enjoy seeing my real-time analysis of how I’m doing throughout the year.

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My 2018 goals are…

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