College is hard, and sometimes it can even get to be unbearable if you picked up a lot of credit hours at the beginning of the semester. My best semesters weren’t necessarily where I had the easiest classes or even the lowest amount of credit hours. They were the ones when I had an organized and well thought out plan of action and good study habits. I wasn’t rewatching all of Gossip Girl for the 3rd time or waiting until the last minute to write 10 page research papers.

The semesters that I had stellar grades began after I developed a study plan that worked for me. So, I figured that this would be a popular post to bring to the blog and would have the potential to help people. Will this exact schedule work for you? Maybe not. This is great for science majors who need to study a lot of conceptual ideas. It’s likely not the best for heavy paper writing courses or even courses in the humanities. I’m not an expert in these classes because I really haven’t had to take many of them.

So sit back and get your planners ready, while I tell you all about my study plans and how I make pretty bomb grades in my science and math courses.

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