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HELLO. It’s December 1st which means it’s time for BLOGMAS/VLOGMAS. Yes, all caps was very much necessary. You might be wondering:

What is blogmas?

Vlogmas/Blogmas {life is hard} is where your favorite bloggers and vloggers publish new content, usually holiday related, every single day of December leading up to Christmas! #punny So, your girl is very¬†insanely busy right now and does not have the time between five finals and the remaining week of tests, homework, and quizzes to have quality posts completed for every single day leading up to one of my favorite days of the year. Don’t fret though: I will be doing Blogmas¬†Light{coming to ya every Wednesday and Friday!} this year and hopefully will be more prepared next year to tackle all 25 posts. You can also get excited for a vlog to be posted once finals are over and I am shopping the days away looking for last minute Christmas gifts– It’s fine, everything is FINE.

To get excited for the new holiday season [like I haven’t been listening to Mistletoe x J.B. Since Nov 1], I decided to create a holiday tag- namely for other bloggers to participate in (hint hint for all you gals struggling to fill all 25 days)! Honestly this is going to be fun even if no one else participates– nervous laughter in my head while writing this tbh. So here are some other lovely bloggers who I would like to tag to do this post at some point in the next 25 days! YAY

  1. Kayla @ Kayla Blogs
  2. Abigail @ Living the Gray Life
  3. Cathleen @ Classy Cathleen
  4. Cristina @ Cristina Was Here
  5. Michelle @ MichelleAdamsBlog
  6. Jessica @ Jessica Slaughter

To my lovely ladies above, please share your posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. I would love to see all your answers! So if you’re interested in all my favorite holiday trends, fashion, and traditions; keep reading!

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