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I’ve talked a lot about how blogging has been an important part of my life for the past couple of years. OMG, the past couple of years; has it actually been that long? Anyway, I think for me it was a great way to express myself while passing on all this knowledge that I thought I had. We were able to create a little corner of the internet chock full of great information for the college girl {and guy}.

I’ve been asked several times how I started the blog and what are the most important things that go into starting your own site! There are countless posts on this topic, but I think Hannah and I have a unique perspective because we started with two people. Naturally, you have the ability to pool more resources as two separate people, but you also have a built in blogging buddy to bounce ideas off of and come up with new great content.

So, in today’s guide I will be covering how to start your own blog and how to do it under a budget. You can start your site without a DSLR and closet of name brand clothes. It is totally possible to introduce the world to you and your brand no matter what your budget is! Grab the popcorn and let’s dive in to the world of blogging!

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