It’s officially Christmas season! I’m playing my Christmas Spotify album, burning my Christmas cookie candle, and getting into the holiday spirit! I’ve also been online shopping and trying to find all the good sales. Audrey rounded up some fantastic sales here. A couple of holiday seasons ago, I shared some of my go-to gift ideas for every gal in your life no matter their aesthetic. I can’t believe that we’ve been blogging for that long, that I can say “a couple of seasons ago.” But, that’s a topic for a whole other post. I’ll go ahead and save you from my nostalgic mems and just dive right into the good stuff!

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For Her

So, we all have best friends, sisters, cousins, etc. that you know so well, but when it comes to buying gifts, you just have no idea what to get her! I mean sure you can make a meaningful card and write how much your nights spent eating tacos and margaritas helped you through your last semesters, but it’s also nice to pick out that perfect accessory or item that you know she’ll love.

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