I’m currently on my 20-minute break from writing a physical chemistry paper. Yeah, anyone who’s ever said science majors don’t have to write papers was very wrong. I am not feeling very inspired to write this paper. I guarantee I can get a substantial amount of this blog post done because just thinking about my time in New York City gets me inspired. Also, some really lit Hans Zimmer is playing in the background. I already shared my Day 1 guide to NYC here. In the final two days of being in the city, we covered so much more ground and I was able to try out more transportation options. So, let’s get into it.

What’s up, December?! This may be my unofficial attempt at starting Blogmas this year. I definitely typed up an idea for content for every single day of the month. I really want to get used to coming up with content regularly so that this can by my last semester going MIA from the blog. It’s something that I love doing and it’s frustrating when I don’t manage my time well enough to consistently post.

I asked on Twitter what sorts of posts you all would be interested in and a majority of people were down for chit chats & life updates, more college advice, and style posts(!). So, I shall give the people what they want! Who knows maybe I can ~actually~ post every day leading up to Christmas! Anywho, let’s get back to all things N.Y.C.; also if you are headed to the city over the holiday season: I am so jealous!! Have so much fun and send me pictures, please!

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