Between working a full time lab job, studying for the GRE, and blogging, I have to be super productive each and every week to make sure that everything is getting done and that everything is turning out well! How do I stay on top of the game each and every day, you ask? Well, it’s all about staying organized, keeping motivated, and having a supportive network to help you!

Last year, I wrote my most popular post ever. I don’t even know if writing is the correct term because it was literally maybe 150 words long which proves quality over quantity yet again. It’s purpose was to basically outline my self care schedule; because it lists all the things that make me feel happy, organized, and ready to conquer anything. My system works time and time again and it’s brilliant. Give me a good planning session, a free mani/pedi, and coffee; and I’m ready to conquer the world.

But, taking breaks for me can also be detrimental to my productivity. It’s also why I thought for the longest time that the Pomodoro method was pointless. How in the world does anyone get any school work done in 25 minutes. I think I would have barely read my chemistry short answer question in 20 minutes. You thought I was joking, didn’t you? Yikes. Well, the Pomodoro technique actually does work if you’re actually being productive and cranking out the work you need to be doing. Here are some of my tips for increasing your productivity and getting more done throughout the week.

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