New Orleans is a different kind of city. It has such different vibes than most of the places that I had the pleasure of visiting last year. Even as you explore and move through different areas of the city, you get a different piece of history. The French Quarter has that wonderful historical grit that I love about old Southern cities. Downtown gives the essence of a typical concrete jungle in the South. There are plenty of parks, abandoned lots that are slightly sketchy but perfect for photo shoots, and tons of different and exciting people flooding in and out at all times. I think there have been more relevant sporting events than I can count that have been hosted in this iconic city. Home to my favorite professional football team {who dat? Am I right ladies & gents?}; I was super excited to head back to the big easy to finish out the holiday season.

My parents are originally from Louisiana and we visit family every so often! We spent a couple of days soaking up family time, before heading for a mini family vacation in NOLA. Unfortunately, windy and cold conditions but a slight damper on the overall experience. However, I was more than satisfied with the brilliant seafood and delicious desserts that I was able to consume during my trip there. Also, the daiquiris are brilliant. And yes, I did buy one in a styrofoam {gosh I’m so sorry planet Earth} cup while we were shopping in the outlets and I’m only partially ashamed.

If you’re interested in what I did while I was there for a couple of days and catch a glimpse of the gloomy and slightly eery pictures I was able to capture, then keep reading!

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