Hey hey so today I’m following up on last Sunday’s fabulous post about how to rock Pinterest by creating a keyword-filled profile and killer board descriptions. Y’all commented and tweeted tons of positive feedback about that post, so I’m really excited that I can impart even more Pinterest strategy knowledge on you today! This post is all about creating that “ideal pin”, the pin so great that no Pinterest algorithm god can ignore it.

Click through to learn how to create the ideal pin for Pinterest, including tips on naming your image and placing the best keywords!

I totally think that making a keyword-laden profile is one of the most underutilized aspects of Pinterest strategy. HOWEVER, Pinterest is a visual search engine. As much as the Pinterest algorithm gods will love your keywords, your pins will not be pinned if they don’t dazzle your (human) followers.

So let’s put some glitter on those pins, shall we?

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