Here we are again. August 1. You know what this day means, don’t you? It’s my brother’s birthday!!!! Okay, so no that’s not exactly what I meant! August 1 is when I start thinking about the new semester and school year that is creeping up on us. That’s usually the date when the small voice in the back of my head is telling me to start ordering my textbooks and letting my friends know when I’ll be back for our first meal of the year! It’s when I go into a huge planning spree. I start making long term and short term goals {all coming v. soon}.

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This year, I’m going to start off the month of August with 12 days of Back to College content! Because college life blog posts are just like Christmas gifts right? I’ll be tagging all my posts with #12DaysofBTC and I trust you already know what to do with that. Tag your blog posts, your Instagrams, and your tweets because I want to see all the college content! Today, I figured I would start out with a pretty fun and entertaining post about the things that keep me afloat when I’m on campus! So, enough of my banter… let’s get to it. View Post