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Your night can make or break the next day. It can determine whether you’re going to be a hot mess running around trying to find more deli meat for your wrap, or whether you’re going to be a serene, ready-to-tackle-the-day #girlboss. I have had my fair share of both kinds of mornings, but I think we would all rather have our lives together. So, here is my night routine when I am living my best life; not every night looks like this. To be honest, I’m mostly writing this to remind myself of how I want my nights to look like during the week rather than binge watching yet another series on Netflix!

My night routine definitely changes based on whether it’s a work night or a weekend night, but here’s a glimpse into what an average night would look life for yours truly. If you want to know how I have the best mornings ever by preparing at night, then keep reading!

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