While I love blogging and wish I could post more than once a week, senior year is in full swing and responsibilities are taking over. I just don’t have the time that I want to knock out high-quality posts more than once a week (without losing valuable sleep). That being said, I really want to beef up these Friday Chit Chats. My idea is that I’ll slightly convert a normal blog post into more of a personalized chat about whatever the week brings me to write about. I think this will help me give all that college advice that y’all love while also keeping you up to date about my life! Sound good? Great-because that’s we are doing.

After California (which was basically an excuse to take a vacation from eating healthy}, My body hated me. I was super sluggish and never felt like going out and being social. I’m sure you can imagine how that would put a damper on senior year. It wasn’t until a couple days after classes started that I finally snapped out of this rut. So, today is all about how meal prepping literally saved my life! Let’s get started >>

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