ICYMI, I am in San Diego for the summer working a research fellowship {it’s a ton of fun and super rewarding so far}! When I decided to come to California for the summer, I just knew I had to make it to one of the other major cities here. As a content creator {I don’t know if I really like this term, but I think my creativity is pushing me even past being “just a blogger”}, I really wanted to check out Los Angeles, CA.
So, I enlisted a friend, booked a train and AirBnB, and went off to explore the City of Angels! Fun fact: I was in LA for less than 48 hours{!!}, but we did so much stuff! Today, in lieu of my normal Friday Chit Chat, I’ll be talking all about my first day of my LA Trip; next week I’ll continue the story with part 2!

Most of the time in my Friday Chit Chats, I like to recap my weekend anyway! So let’s just call this a special edition post. To be completely honest, these are a lot more popular than I was anticipating they would be. Anywho, let’s get to the good stuff: my adventures in Los Angeles!

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