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Back in August, I was a little skeptical of the Day Designer layouts. Who really needs an entire page for each day of the week?? A busy college student, that’s who. I can fit so much information on the page for a day: homework, food, to-do, and extracurricular events/social plans. This can be a little overwhelming at first and I wasn’t 100% sure that this was going to be my planer for the entire school year in August.

Once the semester began to pick up and there were a ton of things that I needed to keep track of, my planner became my holy grail. I had plenty of space to plan out everything for each day and the monthly view gave me a good indicator for fraternity events and weekend outings with friends. Luckily, I loved the Day Designer layout and will probably invest in the original brand for next year! I got this year’s version from their collaboration with Target {aka my third home}.

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