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I don’t know why, but traveling is one of my new favorite things. I love setting up trips and saving money to explore a new place. There’s something about experiencing a new culture, trying new food, and spending quality time with friends that is so appealing about the whole shebang. I have gained some great wisdom when it comes to traveling with friends and family and navigating where we should eat, the best coffee shops, and how to navigate the city. Some of it comes from other blogs, I have read a lot of them. Some comes from the unfortunate mistakes I’ve made while traveling. Here’s how I navigate new cities and you can check out my guides and recaps of Washington D.C. and Houston here and here. Today, I’m sharing all my favorite travel hacks!

If you’re interested in finding out how I stay trendy when a new city and find the cutest places to explore while on the go, keep reading!

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