About a week ago, I took a long weekend and went back home to see Chance the Rapper(!!) in concert, visit family, and hang with Hannah. To be honest, I still haven’t really gotten back on track and today I’m gonna write a blog post about how I plan on kicking myself back into gear. I know that when I broke my normal routine that it would be hard to get back to it and that’s okay. Vacations are good for the mind and soul! Buttttt…. I really liked having my routine, eating healthy, and sharing all my delicious fruit bowls with y’all on Instagram stories.

If you have recently come back from vacay and are struggling to get your life back together, this one is for us! Also, I’ll be sharing one of the looks that I styled and shot when Hannah and I did our annual downtown shoot. I’m linking all the details at the bottom of this post! Holla at our new theme for making all these extra add ons so easy! Let me know if you like seeing style shots throughout the post; these are just a lot more fun for me to edit and post! Now, let’s get into it.

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