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At this time of year, I’m all about organizing because I have to “switch” lives for a couple of months while I’m at school. Transitioning from my house to dorm life is very hectic and overwhelming, I’m writing this blog post right now to calm my nerves (I’ve started trying to decide what shoes to bring to school. ugh.) Today, for the #BloggersBTS link up that Hannah and I are doing, I thought it would be interesting to show how I keep my makeup stored and organized since the week’s theme is organization! You might be asking yourself: “Okay, Gabby, what does this have to do with school?” Well…. it’s actually something that I think people seriously overlook when they’re organizing everything else!

It’s pretty simple, actually. I feel so much more relaxed in the morning when my vanity is functional and everything is easy to reach/neatly in it’s place! You don’t want a frantic first day of school because your favorite mascara fell behind your desk, sink, mirror, etc. It’s just as important as organizing your desk; don’t add extra stress to your first day because your area to primp is a mess! You’re gonna look flawless and I’m just saving you about 10 minutes 🙂

I used to be obsessed with my makeup collection a couple of years ago and perfected the way I liked to store my makeup! At home, I have a much bigger make up collection which I’ve neglected the past few weeks. Keep reading to see how I take my vanity from scary to a more acceptable (and much more conducive to actually doing my makeup) set up:


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