Weekend In My Life: Houston, Pizza, HEB, & More!


Hey there my lovely readers! So, we did a Twitter poll a couple months ago about what kinds of posts we should bring onto our blog and an overwhelming amount of people wanted to see “A Day in My Life” type of post. Hannah did a school version and I did my morning routine as a small peek into our daily routines. I’m a pretty visual person  so I thought it’d be even more interesting to see pictures and a play by play of my weekends here in Houston! Usually, when I’m home for breaks I’ll go to Target and eat and sleep and repeat. Occasionally, I’ll stop to shop at one of the malls in the cities adjacent to mine! SO, I really didn’t understand why people would even care what I do on a basic day. But, luckily for all of you; I’ll be spending my summer in Houston and that makes for lots of artsy pics and new places! I work pretty long hours on the weekdays, so most of my free time is on the weekends. Therefore, I bring to the swirl a new series called: A Weekend in My Life! Let’s just say it’s like vlogging but in pictures {lol Gabs, so like blogging??} Keep reading for a peek into my life!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

So ICYMI, I’m doing an internship in Houston this summer and I’ve had so much fun at work and with the people in my summer program! The weekends are basically our only time to explore the city aka eat at all the good restaurants, drink way too much coffee, and see movies, plays, etc. The first Saturday we took the metro downtown and passed some pretty cool artwork and I got to snap some artsy pictures.

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We also ate some really cheap, but amazing pizza from Frank’s downtown! Luckily, it stopped raining long enough for us to reach the restaurant without getting soaked. Also, I absolutely adored the napkin containers because I’m weird like that. One slice of supreme and one slice of cheese for me, please!

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Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

We were all pretty tired from our afternoon out and about that we had a pretty chill Saturday night! I stayed in and ordered Panera {THEY DELIVER NOW} and watched some Grey’s Anatomy because I’m obsessed! I got the Bacon Turkey Bravo sandwich {my mom suggests that you get it pressed but I like mine cold!} with a half of a Caesar salad.


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Sunday, June 5, 2016

I was extremely exhausted from 10 hour work days and it caught up with me on Sunday. Everyone woke up pretty late and had a lot of housekeeping things to do! Although I didn’t get to brunch {don’t worry, just keep scrolling}, I got to go to HEB which is this awesome grocery store in Texas that I’m quite literally obsessed with! Comment below if you’d be interested in a College Girl’s Guide to Grocery Shopping because I think I have some pretty good advice about handling your first time solo!

I found some pretty funky blk water which I’ve heard of but I’ve never seen in stores! I was too chicken to try it out, but let me know if I should!


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I was basically in grocery store heaven while in HEB, so naturally I’ll be going back there frequently during the summer! I spent the rest of the day writing this post, debating whether or not to get Starbucks, and cooking dinner! I finished off with some delicious Ben and Jerry’s Tonight Dough and a movie/Grey’s! Oh, I also made a rash decision to join in on the Blogging College Twitter Chat which is always a lot of fun and a good way to connect with other bloggers! Check out Hannah’s guide to Twitter Chats if you’re still too scared to join in {You really shouldn’t be though}!






  • Nicole C.

    Looks like a fun weekend! Houston looks like a great place to visit 🙂 XO, Nicole


    • I love it! Definitely a city girl though so maybe that’s why! Thanks for reading 🙂